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What is in Corona Refresca?

Corona refresca is a branching straight down beyond beer with a trio of tropical-flavored refreshing booze-spiked beverages.

Corona Refresca, the legendary brand’s first premium, tasty, tropical drink, returns to the market, delivering the fruit-forward flavours of the tropics and inviting people to embrace “La Vida Sabrosa,” or the tasty life. Corona Refresca will be available in a 12-can variety pack for this relaunch, as well as the new Corona Refresca MS, a larger, bolder 24-ounce single-serve can option in Mango Citrus with an ABV of 8%.

Corona Refresca was introduced in 2019 and instantly gained popularity among drinkers. Refresca triumphantly returns to shelves and delivery services across the country in 2020, joined by the all-new Corona Refresca MS, a bigger, bolder offering that gives an increased sensory experience. Within the flavoured malt beverage category, both Refresca and MS are expected to contribute to Corona’s overall brand growth.

“Both Corona Refresca and MS showcase our ability to introduce innovative options to new, flavor-seeking consumers while maintaining the casual Corona lifestyle they have grown to know and love,” said Ann Legan, Corona’s vice president of brand marketing. “These options are yet another tribute to the brand’s proud Mexican roots, allowing us to put a signature Corona touch on the iconic agua fresca.”

Coconut Lime, Guava Lime, and Passionfruit Lime are three robust, vibrant, tropical lime-infused tastes offered in Corona Refresca. It comes in a 12-can variety pack (MSRP $15.99) with four 12-ounce narrow cans of each flavour and a 4.5 percent ABV. Mango Citrus is the flavour of the all-new Corona Refresca MS, which comes in 24-ounce single-serve cans (MSRP $3.49).

Corona Refresca flavours.

The beer brand’s first beverage that is non-beer Corona Refresca, is really a malt that is flavored available in three varieties: Coconut Lime, Guava Lime and Passionfruit Lime. The Guava and Passionfruit flavored drinks will undoubtedly be available in six-packs ($9.99), even though the Coconut Lime flavor are found in a 12-pack ($16.99) with all three tastes.

The beverages will later strike the industry this in California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina before going nationwide in early May thirty days.

Corona Brand New Drinks.

Corona’s brand new drinks, which weigh in at less than 199 calories per 12-ounce serving and 4.5 percent alcohol by amount, are the many products that are current a trend that presents no signs of cooling down.

Sparkling, refreshing flavored beverages and seltzers are big sellers within a mixed beverages category that saw income increase 6 percent in 2018, according to IWSR, an investigation that is substantial that tracks the industry. Those products were outperformers within an general U.S. beer and spirits industry that faced decreases for the season that is 3rd is right IWSR says.

One of the sellers that are top Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Spritzers, additionally Bud Light premium malt beverage beverages and seltzers that are spiked just two of a few beverages owned by Anheuser-Busch – and Redd’s and Steel Reserve drinks (owned by MillerCoors). White Claw Hard Seltzers had growth that is triple-digit 2018, IWSR states.

How many calories in a Corona Refresca?

Providing an ABV of 4.5%, Corona Refresca provides a taste and crisp that is flavorful 199 calories per 12-ounce serving. Guava Lime and Passionfruit Lime flavors will each be easily obtainable in six-packs for an SRP of $9.99.

 Does Corona Refresca is a seltzer?

Corona Refresca. Corona has hopped regarding the seltzer that is spiked utilizing the release of Refresca, a fresh type of tropical malt that is fruit-flavored. … Each drink will come in at 199 calories and 4.5 percent liquor by volume. Corona’s release may be the latest of this true number of hard drinks which are seltzer-style to enter industry.

Overall, sales of this top 20 attempting to sell malt that is flavored rose 11.6 % to $2.6 billion on the period that is 52-week Jan. 27, 2019, regarding to IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm, which monitors retail sales at grocery shops, comfort stores, medication stores, mass market stores and also other stores.

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“We understand customers would like an alternative solution malt beverage experience,” said Ann Legan, vice president of brand advertising for Corona, which tested Corona Refresca with consumers. The drinks are “for multi-cultural females and males whom’re searching for a premium spiked refresher that delivers a taste of this tropics,”.

Simply as customers have embraced waters that are sparkling lower-sugar and alternatives that are lower-calorie liquor imbibers are also seeking healthier organic options with less booze, says IWSR’s U.S. president Brandy Rand. “As these products are additionally in cans, they are portable and convenient which interests consumers. In addition a space is filled by them for non-beer drinkers looking for something easy to take in,”.

Corona Refresca vs Bud Ritas

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Corona Brand Family Information

Corona Extra, Corona Light, Corona Familiar, Corona Premier, Corona Refresca, and the national introduction of Corona Hard Seltzer in 2020 are all part of the Corona brand family. Constellation Brands brews the complete Corona line in Mexico and imports and markets it entirely in the United States. Corona is the most popular beer brand in the United States, and it has been the most popular imported beer brand for more than 20 years. Corona Extra, the company’s main brand, is a golden-colored pilsner-style lager that was initially made in Mexico in 1925. Corona Extra has been assisting Ameri with its refreshing flavour and carefree attitude. Is Coronavirus Contagious Read More About It On Our Website.

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