Weight loss7 Of The Best Way To Lose Weight in 30 Days

7 Of The Best Way To Lose Weight in 30 Days

Let me start this article with a very true quote – “Health Is Wealth”. But how far are you serious about it? Hardly few! Hamburgers, chicken nuggets and those junks are never going to help you. All it gives is heart attacks, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol in the end. Losing weight and being fit is a way to lead a healthy lifestyle. And if you are a woman, needless to say how important is it to carry a good shape. Keeping this in mind, today I am going to tell you the best way to lose weight in 30 days for Men & Women. Read on.

7 Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast For Women

what is the Best Way To Lose Weight For Women

Whenever you hear the words “weight loss”, the two most common things that hit our minds is: strict diets & insane workouts. This often puts off people from losing their weight further. No matter how determined you are about losing your excess weight, at lot of times you might not be following the routine you have planned. Obviously, losing weight isn’t that easy as it sounds and neither can it be accomplished overnight. It needs time. However, to make your weight loss process painless and easy, there are some very effortless tiny things you can do everyday. Though you might find these tips silly but they can actually do wonders to your shape. So, give it a try and tell us which worked the best for you.

Drink As Much Water As You Can

Yes, you might be irritated to hear the same tip over and over again. But since the topic is about what is the best way to lose weight for women, “water” is something very important for me to write over here. In fact, water is the key to shed fat. An average human should drink 2 to 3 liters of water in a day. But if you are on a weight loss process, experts recommend drinking 4 liters or even more. What you are assuming it to be hunger or food carvings can actually be thirst. It is really hard to differentiate this feeling. So, the next time you feel hungry, just drink a glass of water. Also, drink before every meal, as this fills some portion of your stomach, thereby, making you eat less & Healty. Gradually, you will see that you are losing your weight.

Add Healthy Foods Into Your Diet

Just because you are trying to lose weight, doesn’t mean you have to follow strict diets. No, certainly not! Rather subtracting your foods, consider adding them. But, I am not talking about junks here. Add the healthier ones. Good foods, which you love eating. Say for example, strawberries, apples, plums or those juicy green grapes. Just have them with a healthy cereal breakfast. And for lunch, pile on green vegetables, soups and stews. And do not forget to include some physical activities too. Even a stroll will do.

Don’t Like Exercising? Here’s An Alternative

Do you know the fastest way to lose weight for women? Of course, it is exercising but not all will like working out and if you are one among them, then there’s a good news. People exercise to sweat out and not necessary that it has to be through exercises. The goal is to incorporate some sort of physical activities or probably things you like. Say for example in Routine Life, playing your favorite port, riding bikes, running, walking, gardening, washing your car, grass skiing, cleaning the house. All these will make you move and ultimately, making you sweat.

Use Staircase

Have you ever thought why people of olden days lived long, strong and healthy? Because their lives were balanced with nutritious diet and physical activities. There wasn’t any technology to help them. So, the only option was to move around and work physically. May it be washing, dishes, cleaning, arranging or moving from one floor to the other – they moved their hands and legs often, which was the main reason they were fit and healthy all the time. Applying the same principle here, start using staircase rather elevators or escalators. Unless required, do not take your car each time you step out. Prefer walking or cycling instead. This little tip will make your muscles stronger while shedding the accumulated fat.

Stop Eating Out At Restaurants

When it comes to the best way to lose weight fast for women, eating at restaurants is something you need to avoid. When you eat out, you exceed the calories you are supposed to consume in a day. Those scrumptious dishes are going to urge you to eat more. It is hard for you not to be carried away. So, better to stop eating out. And you never know how they cook. What kind of oil they use? What type of ingredients they drop in and how much? Are they really fresh & healthy? No one knows unless you personally go and check but you cannot do this. So, cook your meals at home. Since it is for you and your family, you will be more conscious while making a dish. Say for example, you will buy farm fresh vegetables and chop them neatly. You will use very less oil and use fresh ingredients to cook a dish. So, when everything about your preparation is healthy, how can the dish go unhealthy?

Walk Often

Believe it or not, walking can burn whole lot of calories. Though a 30-minute walk is common but since you are on the process of burning your accumulated fat, health experts recommend extending the walking session to 45 minutes. And that too a healthy, steady walk. So make sure, you are spending every morning and evening in walking.

Have Healthy Breakfast

Women with an intention to lose weight faster, often skip their breakfast. However, this trick actually backfires. Breakfast, literally means “breaking the fast, after 8 long hours of continuous sleep”. And early morning, your stomach is empty and it needs something nutritious to carry out all the day activities. If you skip your breakfast, you feel hungry by brunch, which in turn makes you munch some junk or the other. During lunch, you eat more than you used to. When you do this on a daily basis, you are adding more calories than before. So, never do this.

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