Why Do I Sleep So Much? – 7 Reasons Why It Happens

.“Sleep” is a very integral part of every human & it is as important as air, food, and water. It is only during sleep your body heals, rejuvenates, and recharges. Without good sleep, your behavior, mood & risk of chronic and acute diseases are altered rapidly. Though sleep is very vital for your health, the excess can be a red sign. And if you are wondering why I sleep so much, then here is something for you to read.

Reasons for sleeping all the time

If you are someone, who is having a tough time waking up from your bed, then let me tell you what are the causes of sleeping too much.

1. Because You Are Suffering Sleep Apnea

It considers recording yourself while sleeping. On the other hand, do you get up with jerk? Do you feel fatigued in daytime? If all the answers to these questions are yes, then probably it is time to discuss with your doctor to overcome

2. You Are Depressed

A common reason why you are sleeping too much is because you are depressed about something. Depression is associated to both excess sleep and sleep deprivation. Being overwhelmed, lethargy and fatigue are signs of depression & leads to excess.

3. Excess Smoking & Drinking

Even you know how deadly smoking and drinking is. But did you know that it can make you sleep for long? If you are drinking over 1 to 2 drinks a night, you will have excess sleeping problems. So, limit them down for a healthy and normal sleep.

4. You Probably Have Narcolepsy

“narcolepsy” could probably be the reason. Do you feel very sleepy in the daytime, So much that you fall asleep all of a sudden at improper moments? If yes, then narcolepsy is the reason. Other signs include muscles suddenly going slack, having realistic nightmares during sleep & after getting up.

5. You Sleep Too Much When You Are In Pain

If you are sleeping too much, then chronic pain or any underlying medical condition could be the cause. On the other hand, even medications can make you sleep in excess. If you are feeling sick or sleep walking then consult your doctor to know if you’re anemic, have heart disease, fatigue syndrome or thyroid.

6. Anxiety

Excess sleep could also mean that you have anxiety. Do you keep thinking all night about something? You feel as if something bad is going to happen? Then anxiety is interrupting your good night’s sleeping . Have it checked at the right time before it gets worse.

7. Sleep Aids

If you are someone, who is taking sleeping medications for a better , then this could be a reason for you to sleep long. Often people are very sensitive to sleep aids and cold medications, which can be a major reason for them to oversleeping.

How Much Sleep Is Said To Be Too Much Or Excess?

It requirement for a person varies, as you get old. It depends on 4 crucial factors

Activity level
Overall health
Lifestyle habits
Say for example, during stressful times or an illness, one might need a little more sleep than he or she sleeps usually. However, sleep needs vary over time & from person to the other. Health experts typically suggest that an adult must sleep between 7 and 9 hours every night.

What Happens When You Sleep Too Much?

“Too much of anything is good for nothing”. Same goes for your sleep too. Though a good sleep is important to sustain a healthy life but too much sleeping can trigger many physical side effects, which are listed below

Diabetes: Research shows us that oversleeping or inadequate sleep every night can increase the chances of diabetes.

Obesity: Little or excess both can lead to obesity. A recent research proved that people sleeping for 9 or 10-hours each night were 21 percent likely to turn obese within 6 years than the people who sleep between 7 and 8-hours. Now, this association between obesity and remained same when exercise and food intake were considered.

Headache: If you are prone to headaches, then sleeping for a long time, even if its occasionally (perhaps on weekends) can lead to head pain. Experts claim the reason to be the brain’s neurotransmitters, including serotonin. An individual, who sleeps too much during daytime and disrupts his or her nighttime , might suffer headaches when they wake up in the morning.

Depression: Even though insomnia is something often associated with depression but you will be surprised to read the fact that even depression can be a reason for oversleeping. However, this isn’t that common. 15% people tend to oversleep out of depression and sometimes can be worse.

Heart Diseases: During a recent study conducted by Nurses’ Health, a very careful analysis was done to 72,000 women. Out of which, women who slept 9 – 11 hours every night were 38 percent likely to have heart diseases than the ones, who slept for 8 hours. However, the mystery remains. Researchers haven’t identified yet as to what’s the exact connection between heart diseases and oversleeping.

Death: Many different studies across around the world have proven the same thing that people sleeping for 9 hours or more every night have high death rates than the people, who sleep 8 hours a night. There isn’t any particular reason behind this correlation yet. However, researchers have found that lower socioeconomic status and depression are often associated with oversleep.

Tips To Fight Against Excess Sleep

Go to bed on the same time every day
Wake up on the same time (even if its weekend)
Set your alarm if you suspect that you will not get up early
Have a healthy and proper routine
Eat healthy foods
Stop being depressed or worried
Stay happy
Manage your stress
Exercise and meditate

Is Sleeping Too Much Bad For Your Health?


In conclusion, excessive rest can have negative effects on your health. Factors such as sleep apnea, depression, excessive smoking and drinking, narcolepsy, chronic pain, and anxiety can contribute to spending too much time in a resting state. Finding a balance in your routine is important, considering factors like age, activity level, overall health, and lifestyle habits. Excessive rest has been associated with an increased risk of conditions like diabetes, obesity, headaches, depression, heart diseases, and higher mortality rates. To address this, manage underlying conditions, maintain a balanced routine, engage in physical activity, and practice stress management techniques.

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