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Walking 5 miles a day weight loss success

Walking 5 miles a day is the perfect sport to keep fit. After a long period of abstinence from sport, for example in old age, if you are overweight or with various health restrictions, everyone can do something for their health after consulting their family doctor.

The technique of walking 5 miles a day is easy to learn and can be practiced at any intensity – right up to the more strenuous types of power or Nordic walking. This guarantees the ideal start, especially for beginners who do not overload themselves and can ideally expand their fitness. Another plus point is the ability to walk anywhere – whether in the park, in the forest or simply on the street in front of the front door. With the appropriate clothing in the form of comfortable, breathable clothing and soft running shoes and, if necessary, a light rain jacket, this training can be carried out at any time. So there are no more excuses and the weaker self can be defeated easily – only the first step has to be taken. Walking meetings can be useful when starting out.

If you want to keep fit with walking 5 miles a day, the following checklist will help you when you start training for the first time:

  • At the beginning 2-3 times a week approx. 30 minutes
  • Rule of thumb for the speed: You have to be able to talk calmly
  • At the beginning it’s better too slow than too fast
  • Keep regularity
  • Vary training routes in order to maintain the desire and the challenge receive

If you want to lose weight by walking 5 miles a day or get back in shape, please consult your doctor beforehand. They will be happy to help you work out a weight loss plan that is suitable for you and / or take your individual restrictions into account.

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