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Insurance Companies in Pakistan – Top 3 Insurance Companies

The Top 3 Insurance Companies

The insurance industry has been a robust sector in the United States for more than a century. It remains to this day one of the leading financial services industries in the world. But the sector has also been hit hard by the financial crisis of 2007–09. Many insurance companies were forced to make difficult financial decisions leading up to the crisis. Many others were forced to adjust their business models and reduce their headcounts in an attempt to cope with the effects of the natural disaster.

To help clients navigate these challenges, we’ve put together a list of the three largest insurance companies in the United States. Each of these giants operates in a different corner of the insurance industry: Universal, Assurant, and State Farm. But the combination of these three makes for one of the most powerful insurance companies in the world.

To help you make the right decisions, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 insurance companies in the United States.

United States Insurance Company

Since 1934, United States Insurance Company has been the largest insurance company in the U.S. and the world. From the depths of the Great Depression to the present, the company provided coverage for all major American cities and their surrounds. However, the company’s fortunes fluctuated, and in recent years it has been operating as an independent company.

In its early years, the company specialized in inexpensive coverage for consumers. In the 1960s, it began offering coverage for businesses as well. The company’s major success during this period was in helping people to replace aging cars. In this market, U.S. insurance companies were particularly helpful because most new cars were produced in this country.

In recent years, U.S. insurance companies have focused more on providing coverage for the elderly and people with disabilities. But the company’s lineage has seen it through a number of difficult times. It has been hurt by the financial crisis, but it has also experienced rapid growth in recent years.

Other companies you should know about

A number of insurance companies have evolved into major international brands thanks to partnerships and acquisitions. One of them is American Express, which has its head office in New York City. American Express has been a part of United States since 1908, but in recent years it has evolved into one of the leading international insurers. American Express’s offerings include the American Express Card, American Express Blue Card, American Express Debenture Card, American Express National Cash Card, and American Express PremierCard.

In addition to its domestic operations, American Express also provides coverage for more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

United States’ 5 Insurance Companies

A perfect example of the power of a single company is the United States’ 5 insurance companies. These companies cover people in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, and Washington. The insurance company that provides coverage for these states is called a “federated state” or “state-federal” insurance company.

The five state insurance companies are all part of ARCO, Inc., which was incorporated in 1915 and is based in Colorado Springs. The company’s primary focus is in providing high-quality coverage for the United States.

United States Insurance Corp.

As the largest insurance company in the U.S., United States Insurance Corp. has experience a “tsunami” of changes in the past few years. The company has been hit by several financial crises in recent years, and it has also been hit by competition from larger insurance companies. At the same time, the company’s founders found themselves at a significant disadvantage because they were unable to secure the appropriate funding for their initial ventures.

In the wake of the financial crisis, the company’s founders, including chairman and CEO Robert W.

Insurance Companies in Pakistan

The comptroller of the armed forces has questioned the profits of insurance companies in Pakistan. The prime minister Akbar Kamal Khan Beliani has accused the former insurer of ignoring poor conditions and corruption. In fact, the Capital Holding and Investment Company (CHIC) had not paid the life insurance premiums due to the customers because of dishonoring court order on payment of the premium.

The Pakistan Insurance Companies Act (PICA) was introduced to protect the interests of customers by ensuring respect for court orders by ensuring recovery of premium paid by the beneficiaries.


The affected group include six clients who had taken at least one type of life insurance. All the six clients were on premium installment. Each of the clients paid Rs. 7000 on the monthly installment. So, these clients paid Rs.1.8 million total in their premiums. What did CHIC do to resolve the issue?

CHIC neglected its responsibility to pay the life insurance premiums. Some of the key concerns of the affected customers include delay in payment of premium, inauspicious payment of the premium, insufficient repayment of the premium, and disappearance of the premium amount through CDA accounts.

Premium PAN Card

However, in one case, CHIC was asked by the Federal Caudatan to pay the agent’s premiums from his PAN Card. CHIC did not comply with that request. After the Central Board of Revenue approached CHIC with complaint against the insurance company for paying the premium without payment of the first part of the premium amount, the officials issued a “superseding order” against CHIC by demanding Rs. 7.58 million premium.

CHIC ignored the issues in which its agents were in violation of laws to pay and ensure that refunds are paid from the refunds.

In addition, CHIC did not pay the relevant medical insurance payments from the original premiums paid by the beneficiaries of their life insurance policies.

Life Insurance Premium

Moreover, CHIC paid about Rs. 750 million Rs. 7.75 million back to these affected beneficiaries in respect of the premiums paid, but in terms of further damages, they were asked by CCI to pay Rs. 356 million. This amount returned to the beneficiaries was because of non-delivery of life insurance premium. In addition, CHIC deducted Rs. 2.05 million as “carried forward premium from E.B.I. records.”

This was not a premium owing to a payment of annuity account from the clients due to “fidelity certificate” by the client.

Furthermore, if CHIC decides to reconcile with CCI, the company’s management had terminated the accounting policy for cases that need to be merged. Furthermore, because of financial pressure and unpaid claims by the clients, CHIC allowed a client to cancel his policy for the reason that he was reported to be in the process of filing assets return.

Fraudulent Transactions

Though a refund of Rs. 4,000 in the case of fraudulent transactions were received by CHIC from Electronic On-line account, the insurer signed the documents to claim the return under Sec 10(iii) of the PMC Act.

The policy was terminated two months before the time of filing of assets return. However, CHIC never informed the policy holder and purchased the case under the same policy. At the same time, there were rumors that the policy holder’s account would become insolvent because of 25 percent per annum underwriting premium.

Why did Prime Minister Beliani not perform any action against the insurance company?

Insurance Companies Ordinance

The issue started only when the Prime Minister introduced legislation that would bring about amendment and rearrangement of the Insurance Companies Ordinance, 1974 (or PICA) in order to implement the Pakistan Insurance Companies Act, 1976 (or PICA).

We are reminded of the history of Pakistan Insurance Companies Act, 1976 (or PICA). In the year 1986, 13 insurance companies were put into form of a syndicate, an international insurance company. Later, several years ago, the government of Pakistan passed the Insurance Companies Act, 2010 (or PICA).

Under the new act, the insured disputes with his insurer will be settled through arbitration under a magistrate.

performance of insurance companies

Due to the bad performance of insurance companies, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif introduced a four-month voluntary action of giving explanations to the insurer. This period was extended in a new law for two years.

Finally, as we know how unreliable these companies are and are thus considered a hidden haven for money laundering and asset making.

List of Insurance Companies in Pakistan

On the list of the most successful companies in Pakistan:

1. NICB : Pakistan’s first health insurance company that administers over 50 million consumers. They are easily recognized as the main insurer of the country

2. ACC: Punjab Insurance Company is the newest-ever company in Pakistan. As a state-of-the-art company they have constructed new buildings for their employees to work in. A new headquarters was constructed for which the company had to hire over 1000 workers.

3. SITE Group: The first company to launch a public policy in Pakistan and the first company to launch a company-wide policy, in which they wanted to put up measures for the homeless population of Pakistan.

Insurance companies in Pakistan have developed a criterion for assuring that clients receive a good service. This is a process that is more transparent, reduces financial risk, enhances the party’s customer-customer relationship and creates public good in the financial sector.

1. Citizens Pakistan

2. Sharks Networks Ltd

3. Sharaq Da’a Insurance

4. Saatchi Kashmir and Kashmir Insurers Ltd

5. Best Health Insurance Agency

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