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The Haunted House – Thoughtful Learning cover Story

The Haunted House on the Hill – Cover Story

The Haunted House On the hill, Lets start the story. It was a cold winter night. My friend Nate and I had come to spend two days in a city known for its lush green mountains and hiking areas. We decided to spend the night in Nate’s friend’s farmhouse which had been empty for many years.

The house or the haunted house was two miles off the main road in a secluded area. I shivered thinking that there would be no one to help us there if we were in need. It was when Nate and I were being served dinner by the care taker in the guest house at hill. In the huge dinning room that I felt first sign of a presence there.

We had been hiking in mountains all day and were starving. The caretaker had cooked delicious food as Nate and caretaker were in conservation regarding surrounding area, I saw candle on opposite table blow out. The weirdest thing about it was that if it had been blown out by a gust of wind it would had flickered. But it went out, just like that, proof. The rest of candles on the stick were burning just fine.

I stopped mid-bite for a minute. I dismissed the incident with the thought that my eyes were playing tricks. I could not afford to think about this stuff especially because we had to spend a hole night there.

After dinner, we were shown our rooms on the second floor. We bid each other good night and went to get some rest. As I get into my night suit and was setting down, I felt a chill run down my spine. I looked to check if window was open but it was nailed shut! with my heart pounding against my chest, I got into bed… dreading the night ahead. After a few minutes of struggle, I still was not able to get the feeling that the house was haunted out or the haunted house out of my head just as I was about to drift off, I saw a pair of red eyes in the dim light stating at me, just hanging in midair. I was really freaked out.

In hunted house, I kept on telling myself that it was just a figment of my imagination. But still I had to talk someone, so I made my way to Nate’s room.

In the haunted house, I knocked at his door and got no answer. I pushed it open and was surprised to find complete darkness inside. I ran my hand along the gritty wall and turned on the light upon finding switch. That moment is forever etched into my memory, a painful reminder of that night. because Nate was not in his bed, but lying on the floor in the pool of his own blood, his eyes wide open in horror. They would stay like that forever, because there were claw-marks on his chest. Something had ripped it heart out. On the floor, next to has body, were the words:


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