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The Art of Public Speaking – Tips to give Great Speeches


It is very common that people are much afraid of making a public speech (the art of public speaking). They lose confidence and get nervous unnecessarily. Public Speaking is an art, It is not a Gift bestowed by providence on only a few rarely endowed individuals. It is like the Art of playing ping pong instead of the art of public speaking. In fact, every one have the capability to make a public speech but the problem is to develop self-confidence in the speaker. In fact, the presence of a large number of people proves to be a stimulus, an inspiration for the speaker.

Tips for Public Speaking

  • Relax yourself

The people who do not know how to speak in a public gathering always experience self consciousness before they begin their speech. But after a few seconds, the self consciousness vanishes and the speaker overcomes the fear of public, courage fit very clearly replaces the fit of the fear.

  • Practice for public speaking

Fear is the Result of lack of confidence if you replaces fear with your courage. Practice is the foremost factor for public speaking. A speech must grow and real preparations consist in digging something out of oneself.

  • Know your Topic

Do select the topic early in the week. Think over it during free time, brood over it, sleep over it. Discuss it with friends. Note it down and try to think over it when you are waiting for the lorry at the bus stand or when you are waiting for the dinner to be served.

  • Get Deep Knowledge about the Topic (say what you mean)

Ask yourself the possible questions concerning it and go to the library and do some good reading on your topic. There must be proper planning, if possible. The way to develop reserved power is to know for more you can us, as it is well known that “knowledge is power”. There should  be a coherence and linkage between your facts. Never memorize the speech. The average man does not use above ten percent of its actual inherited capacity for memory. He wastes the ninety percent by violating the natural laws of remembering.

  • Natural laws of Remembering

The natural laws of Remembering are three :-


Improve your observing power and get an accurate impression and do concentrate on which you want to remember.


Repetition at intervals will enable us to memorize. It is the most suitable way to memorize, it is the most suitable way to remember anything.


The other way to remember is by Association with some other facts. To remember dates, associate with the prominent dates. For Example, if you want to remember the date of 25th December then you can easily associate it with the date of Quaid-e-Azam’s birth day.

Nothing great can be achieved unless you have got courage. Do change your pitch and the pitch of your voice must be terrible and bass according to the subject. Do not deliver the speech like soliloquy. Do not consider it a burden and never try to throw it haphazardly. Try to make an impressive beginning and never make an abrupt end as it is well known “all is well that ends well.” Make your abstract points clear through illustrations and close your speech with a brief summary of your points.

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