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Health Idea #1: Take the Stairs – Top Trends

Ah, the elevator. Such a wonderful invention. Just stand in a box, press a button, and you’re whisked away to new heights (literally). But while it’s a great example of human innovation, it’s also a great way to be lazy and avoid physical activity. but now we will discuss about Benefits of taking the stairs everyday.

If you were to take the stairs, it’d be a small improvement in your fitness, but each day would add up. A 160 pound person burns approximately 9 calories in a minute of climbing the stairs. That’s probably about two flights. By comparison, you’d burn 1-2 calories standing in an elevator for that time.

In addition, you’ll experience the benefits of increased blood flow and (limited) cardiovascular exercise. Especially if you have multiple flights of stairs to climb.

Book take the Stairs : 7 Steps of Achieving True Sucess

Friends There is a Also a Book Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success is its Name You Must Read This Book To get Success in your life. this book is all about good & best strategies for self discipline, and i agree with the author that in this day and age, there’s more of a need for it than ever. the book is very readable and well-organized. I have taken the stairs since I have been reading it, so he’s accomplished something with his metaphor!

I appreciated his idea of creating unacceptable or unnecessary consequences in different situations. when you need to succeed, you can do many things to push yourself when you don’t give yourself the easy out in life.

1. Three main faces of an action that you should know: fear, entitlement, perfectionism.

2. Success means we have to develop the self-discipline to get ourselves to do things we don’t want to do in our life.

3. Choices that are very easy in the short-term are often in direct or indirect conflict with what makes life easier in the long term.

4. It’s the person who makes the sacrifice that gets the gift sometimes in different ways we wouldn’t have expected. Read Complete Take the stairs Ebook.

5. Classic procrastination waiting to do the things that we struggle with.

6. Unconscious procrastination– creative avoidance, keeping busy but not getting the important things done.

7. To stop mediocrity learn to master positive self-talk & Behaviour.

8. In the absence of discipline and focus, we will become strangely loyal to performing daily asked trivia or tasks.

9. Priority dilution found in high-performing people spread too thin.

10. The most important skill for the next generation of the knowledge worker is not learning what to do but rather determining what not to do in life.

Take the Stairs Everyday For such a simple activity (and something you’d have to do anyway), you get a nice little health benefit. Seems like a win-win, no?

Benefits of Taking the Stairs Everyday

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