10 Running Tips or Tidbits

I saw this fun quiz a few weeks ago on Paige’s blog and LOVED it. There’s something invigorating about discovering the preferences of fellow runners because it often leads to valuable insights, such as new products or exciting experiences to explore. Eager to reciprocate my joy, I compiled 10 running tips or tidbits to share with you. These tips are designed to enhance your running journey, providing you with a blend of practical advice and inspirational guidance. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the running world and discover the secrets to unlock your full potential! I love hearing what other runners like the best because it can introduce me to new products or things to try! SO, I thought I would share my Running Tips with you.

 FUEL Running Tips:

I am a BIG fan of chews. I like the Gu Chomps and recently have become addicted to the Honey Stinger cherry chews. They taste like fruit snacks, are made from good ingredients, and get the job done. I can’t handle gels no matter how hard I try to. The consistency is terrible to me and I can’t choke it down.

Shot Bloks: These are small, chewable cubes with carbohydrates and electrolytes to give you rapid energy during workouts or runs.

GU: GU Energy Gel is a favorite among endurance athletes because it provides a quick energy boost thanks to its combination of carbohydrates, amino acids, and electrolytes.

Energy Chews: These little, portable candies provide carbs and electrolytes quickly absorbed for on-the-go sustenance during runs.

Candy: Despite not being made for running, some candies may provide a brief energy boost due to their straightforward sugar content. They might, however, be deficient in vital nutrients for longer-duration exercises.

 Race Length:

Running different race distances presents different difficulties and experiences. Here are some examples of typical race lengths:

5K (5 kilometers): A 5K race lasts about 3.1 miles.

It is an excellent starting point for new runners or those who want to increase their speed. The distance offers a manageable challenge and permits a balance of speed and endurance. 5K races are frequently enjoyable and neighborhood-focused activities that draw participants of all ages and fitness levels.

10K: A 10K race is 6.2 miles long (10 kilometers).

It provides runners with a challenge that is a step up from the 5K distance by being a little longer and more endurance-focused. Running a 10K involves a balance of speed and endurance because the goal is to keep a constant pace throughout the route. From novice runners to seasoned athletes, 10K races draw various participants.

Half Marathon (13.1 miles):

Intermediate runners looking for a more difficult endurance test frequently choose the half marathon distance. It demands consistent practice and a strong foundation of physical condition to cover the 13.1 miles. Half marathons mix speed and endurance, allowing runners to push themselves while having fun. The atmosphere during these races is frequently encouraging and lively.

Marathon (26.2 miles):

The marathon is the longest distance a runner can run and is the most difficult. Marathon runners must push their physical and mental limits to finish the 26.2-mile race. Long runs, endurance work, good nutrition, and recovery are all critical components of marathon training. Marathons draw seasoned runners seeking personal bests and novices wanting a significant achievement.

Ultra (50K, 50 miles, 100K, 100 miles, or more):

“ultra race” describes any race with a longer distance than the marathon. They frequently occur on trails or other rough terrain, increasing the challenge. Ultra-distance races can occur over distances of up to 100 miles (or 50 kilometers). Long-term preparation, mental toughness, thoughtful hydration, and nutrition planning are required to compete in an ultramarathon. These events draw experienced runners aiming for the ultimate running challenge.

Your objectives, fitness level, and desired experience will all influence the race distance you choose. Each race length presents an exceptional opportunity for runners to test their boundaries and appreciate the joy of running, whether it’s the speed of a 5K or the endurance of an ultra.

Workout Bottoms

Definitely a shorts boy. I am not a huge fan of there being much on my legs when I race and I tend to get hot. With the colder temps though I have switched to capris and will likely stay in them until the spring. They are a compromise of sorts I guess 🙂

Sports Drink: Gatorade, Powerade, Cytomax,

When I run I stick to water. During a race I will drink Gatorade/Powerade if it’s offered every couple of water stations but I don’t train with it. Before and after long runs or races though I do hydrate with nuun. I love me some nuun. Particularly the strawberry lemonade or grape flavors. YUM.

5. Running tips temperatures: HOT or COLD which you like?

Umm neither? I prefer temperatures in the 60’s haha. I seriously suffer during hot running though and my runs tend to be terrible so if I had to choose I would say cold. I can layer it up for cold and eventually I warm up anyway.

Running tips Shoe Brands: Saucony, Mizuno, Nike, Brooks, Asics,

I am currently, and have been for the last year or so, running Brooks Adrenalines and absolutely love them. I have raced my last 2 half-marathons in them and trained the entire time in them. They make my feet feel great and I love to Run Happy 🙂

I stick with a Rudi’s whole wheat English muffin with flax or toast covered in peanut butter and chia seeds and a banana on the sides. I also tend to have a cup of coffee. I think You Like Running Tips.

Rest Days: 1x per week, 2x per week, never ever ever or regularly

I tend to rest 1-2 days per week depending on my schedule. I run 3-4 times a week and cross-train with weights, yoga, and the elliptical on the other days. I also tend to do “active rest” on my off days in the form of walking the dogs and Emmalyne.

 Music: You have to have it or you have to go without it

If I am running by myself I HAVE to have music. If I am running with friends or Chris I don’t listen to it. Interesting enough, I didn’t listen to music on either of my last 2 half-marathons even though I was running alone.

1 reason for running tips: stress-relief, endorphi,

you love to race, so you can eat all the cupcakes or Sweets you want, weight-loss, love running for Health, social reasons or other?

I just LOVE to run. I take it as ME time. I sort through things going on in my life, make plans for the coming weeks, etc. I also love running because I can do it with Emmalyne. I hope one day she loves to run (or be active) as much as I do. Chris and I make it a family affair which makes running tips that much more fun. I also do it for the cupcakes. DUH.

Running tips & Techniques for all Runners

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