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Barbaros : Another Turkish series destined for global success? – #1 Shocking

Barbaros : Sword of the Mediterranean will take audiences on a historic voyage through the Ottoman Empire, following the experiences of four brothers who become seamen.

The new historical series Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean, Turkish Radio and Television’s (TRT) biggest production to date, is coming to the screen with a stellar cast and a captivating storyline.

The show is part of TRT’s period drama series, which includes Dirilis Ertugrul (Resurrection: Ertugrul), Payitaht: Abdulhamid (The Last Emperor), Uyans: Buyuk Selcuklu (The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice), and now Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kilici (Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean), with more period dramas in the works.

TRT 1 will broadcast the TRT production in Turkish first. Turkish shows are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and the language is now the second most watched after English.

114215 IMG20210916WA0002 1631794053031 - Barbaros : Another Turkish series destined for global success? - #1 Shocking ; barbaros episode 1 | barbaros dizi | barbaros drama episode 1 in urdu
Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, the Ottoman fleet’s admiral, will eventually succeed Hizir Reis. (TRTWorld)

Another TRT series, Dirilis Ertugrul (Resurrection: Ertugrul), starring Engin Altan Duzyatan, who plays Oruc Reis in the new series, has racked up six billion YouTube views in the last year alone, making it one of the most popular episodes on the platform.

“Following the phenomenal global success of our blockbuster show Dirilis Ertugrul, we’ve witnessed a significant demand from TRT fans all over the world for high-quality Turkish dramas,” says Riyaad Minty, Director of Digital TRT Network.

“As part of TRT’s global goal, we will be presenting the Barbaros brothers’ narrative, as well as other in-demand TRT original productions, to our foreign fans soon,” Minty says.

Managing Director of TRT 1 Cemil Yavuz tells TRT World, “TRT has searched through Turkish history and selected the storey of the Barbaros Brothers as one worth sharing.” “It is not only the biography of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha (Hizir Reis), but also the storey of his siblings and the Ottoman environment in which they lived.”

“From beginning to end, it was a collaborative effort,” director Dogan Umit Karaca tells TRT World. “The production company invested on every line of screenplay, every performer, and every detail, while TRT spared no expense or effort. Let me not leave anyone out — everyone put their best foot forward, from the film crew to the audio department to our actors to hair, make-up, and costume.”

Karaca explains, “We had a lot of sources we could refer to to convey this storey.” “Mustafa Burak Dogu penned a lovely storey about four brothers who live on the coast. It’s a period piece about the ‘Barbarossa’ brothers before they were known as the ‘Barbarossa’ brothers.”

When asked how many seasons there will be, Karaca chuckles and answers, “We’d want to keep going as long as we can!” He says they’ll keep shooting till June and that they’ve already completed seven episodes.

114255 IMG20210916WA0001 1631829790708 - Barbaros : Another Turkish series destined for global success? - #1 Shocking ; barbaros episode 1 | barbaros dizi | barbaros drama episode 1 in urdu
Isabel is a savvy business woman who owns an inn in Alexandria. (TRTWorld)

Pelin Akil, who plays Isabel, the Venetian innkeeper in Alexandria, says she was preoccupied with her twins and had just finished another series when she received an offer for the project. “I’m always excited by period dramas!” she exclaims. “Isabel meets Oruc and has an affair with him. She also has a sibling that she is trying to locate. “I guess I shouldn’t provide too many spoilers,” she says with a smile. Our cast is fantastic, so be ready for a treat.

Dr. Zeynep’s healer, Melis Babadag, claims she’s taken sword fighting training so she can play the part. “Is it necessary for a healer to be proficient with a sword? I’m at a loss. So, all I can tell you is that she has a dark past. The characters are hiding a lot of secrets,” she says with an intriguing smile. To put it another way, “She runs an orphanage. She’s the guardian of all these children.

Lesvos-born Oruc Reis rose to prominence as governor of Algiers, chief administrator of the western Mediterranean, and admiral of the Ottoman Empire. His younger brother, Oruc II, was also a notable figure. As the first “Barbarossa” (red beard, in Italian), Hizir Reis adopted Oruc’s moniker. In the mid-16th century, Admiral Hizir Reis led the Ottoman fleet and secured Ottoman dominance in the Mediterranean. Hizir Reis, subsequently known as Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha (Hayreddin meaning “the greatest of the religion,” a designation Suleiman the Magnificent bestowed upon him), has a boulevard in Istanbul named after him: Barbaros Bulvari, linking Zincirlikuyu, Levent and Besiktas.

114217 IMG20210916WA0000 1631794496560 - Barbaros : Another Turkish series destined for global success? - #1 Shocking ; barbaros episode 1 | barbaros dizi | barbaros drama episode 1 in urdu
Antuan (Antoine) is played by Devrim Evin, who is the perfect choice for the role. (TRTWorld)

In the beginning of 2021, the series began to film. Egyptian filmmaker Adel Adeeb, who has won several awards, travelled to Istanbul to shoot action scenes. Other South African action teams, including director of photography Maher Maleh, stunt coordinator Kerry Gregg, and stunt actor supervisor Shaun Verth, are also contributing to the series.

The series is currently being shot in Antalya, Marmaris, and Istanbul and will air on TRT 1 in Turkey on Thursdays at 8 p.m. (GMT+3) starting on September 16, 2021.

It’s based on the life and times of Ottoman admiral “Barbaros” Hayreddin Pasha and his brothers, who lived in the 16th century. An epic storey of four brothers battling the water and learning the secrets of the deep is told in this Turkish drama series.

Master Suleyman helps the brothers track down a sacred secret, but Pietro, who is also on a mission to discover the secret, assaults their ship. While in Alexandria, the brothers stay at a Venetian-run inn, where they meet Antoine, an adversary who sneaks up on them and forces them to abandon their homes.

The brothers, on the other hand, are determined to uncover the sacred secret and defeat their foes at any costs.

Barbaros Episode 1 Trailer

barbarosler series

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