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Barbaros Episode 5 With English & Urdu Subtitles

 Barbaros Last Episode Review

Hayrabay locates Sahin in Barbaroslar Episode 5 and informs Oruj of his location. Oruj takes action the next morning to reclaim Muhammad and his companions. Sahin declares that he will not give up his prisoners and attacks Oruj. Muhammad slips out of the tent unnoticed. Kilic Bey and his troops arrive. Kilic begs Oruj to forgive Sahin, telling him that he loves him as if he were his son. Oruj gathers his companions and sets off in search of Muhammad. Khizir, Ishaq, Niko, and Zeynab embarked on their journey to Alexandria. Pietro learns of Khizir’s voyage soon after and asks Radko to intervene.

Pietro assassinates Sylvio’s soldiers and infiltrates his office. Pietro is furious with Sylvio for hiring Oruj and tells him to find another employee. Meanwhile, Isabel arrives at the office, and Pietro walks out as if nothing had happened. Dervish pays Oruj a visit and tells him that the time has come. Oruj says he’ll wait a little longer because he doesn’t comprehend what Dervish is saying. Khizir spends the night in Suleiman’s shop reading the book he found. Despina is informed by Asiye that Yorgo is staying at her home.

Sylvio calls Jafer and compliments him on his work in the port. Jafer is tasked by Sylvio with guarding a ship going for Thessaloniki. To express his gratitude, Oruj purchases a gift for Isabel. Yorgo approaches Despina once more, attempting to persuade her. Oruj informs Isabel that he was unable to purchase a ship due to an unforeseen price increase. Isabel seems to understand why and promises to assist him.

Jafer is enraged at the situation, but he is unable to intervene. Oruj afterwards meets with Isabel and inquires about Unita’s whereabouts. Oruj promises to uncover Unita’s dirty work, which Isabel finds surprising. When Jafer encounters Sahin, he requests for his assistance in loading something onto the ship bound for Thessaloniki. Following previous occurrences, Sylvio becomes enraged and slaps Isabel. Oruj and his companions are getting ready to travel to Thessaloniki.

Pietro’s men track down Poseidon and transport him to the castle’s dungeon. Poseidon is perplexed by what has occurred, but Pietro begins to persuade him. Khizir speaks with the ship’s captain and instantly devises a strategy. There is only one cannon on board, according to the captain. Khizir and Niko dive into the ocean and begin wreaking havoc on Radko’s ship from underneath. Before the explosion, Oruj and Ilyas seize Jafer.

Jafer claims that the powder kegs are about to explode and tries to flee. Radko’s troops attempt to fire guns in rapid succession but fail. Ishaq and the skipper come dangerously close to sinking Radko’s ship. At the ship, Oruj and Ilyas begin fighting Jafer. Radko realises he won’t be able to catch Khizir and the book, so he decides to flee.

Barbaros Episode 5 (Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kilici Episode 5) with English & Urdu Subtitles 

 How to Watch Barbaroslar Episode 5 with English & Urdu Subtitles (Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kilici Episode 5)

Barbaros Episode 5 English Subtitles and Barbaros Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles are available to watch or download for free. The release date for Barbaroslar Episode 5 is October 14, 2021. TRT1 will broadcast an episode of Barbaroslar in Turkish. Click Here to watch the Turkish version of the Barbaroslar episode live stream. Those who understand Turkish will be able to see the Barbaroslar episode later by clicking here, although the episode will be uploaded later on the ATV Youtube account.

Barbaros Episode 5 With English Subtitles

Barbaros Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles


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