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Barbaros Episode 1 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Episode 1 of Barbarossa with Urdu and English subtitles. “Khair al-Din Barbarossa episode 1 urdu subtitles” The personality of the Ottoman naval commander was preserved only in writings, where it was subjected to defamation, distortion and fabrication by Western historians.

“Barbaros episode 1 english subtitles” is often portrayed in Hollywood films as the bloodthirsty pirate “Barbaros episode 1 english subtitles” with a red beard and wooden foot.

Khair al-Din Barbarossa episode 1 in urdu subtitles, however, went to sea in search of something more than hidden gold or a sunken ship; he wanted something more precious. Help the frightened Muslims and thwart the evildoers who plan against Islam 24 hours a day.

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Who is “Barbarossa”

He is “Khidir ibn Ya’qub,” and his nick name is “Khair al-Din Barbaros turkish series episode 1 english subtitles.” Born on the Greek island of Lesbos, his father was a Janissary (an Ottoman infantry unit famed for its bravery and courage) from Vardar and his mother “Catalina” was a Christian (widow of a priest). He had four elder brothers: Ishaq, Aruj, Elias, and Muhammad.

Barbaros season 1 episode 1 english subtitles

After becoming Muslims via the guidance of God, Aruj and his brother joined the army of Sultan “Muhammad al-Hafsi” in Tunisia, where they were intercepting Christian ships, stealing their cargo, and selling the people on board as slaves. bid.

Every one of the brothers joined forces to take on the Saint “John” pirates, who had a base on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Barbarossa episode 1 in urdu

At one of the fights, Elias was murdered, and Aruj was imprisoned in Rhodes before fleeing to Italy and finally Egypt. He was able to visit Sultan “Qansuh al-Ghouri,” who was preparing to deploy a navy to India to battle the Portuguese, and ordered Larouj to dispatch a ship with its soldiers and supplies to free the Mediterranean islands from European pirates.

Barbaros episode 1 in urdu

As early as 1505, Aruj had three ships seized and was based on the Tunisian island of Djerba, in the western Mediterranean.

Between 1504 and 1510, Arouj tried to move tens of thousands of Muslim refugees from Andalusia to North Africa. He also helped free Algeria and Tlemcen from Spanish rule, making him a household name.

Barbarossa rescues the Muslims of Andalusia

For fear of losing their hold over Algeria, the Spaniards organised a 15,000-man invasion and besieged Tlemcen with siege weapons to put an end to the rebellion. August 1518 saw Arouj being arrested and later executed. As a result, his younger brother, Barbarossa, took over as Algeria’s governor.

In order to fight the Spaniards, he requested reinforcements from Sultan Selim I, who obliged by sending an army of artillery and 2000 Janissary troops.

Barbarossa was tasked by Sultan Selim I to save Muslims in Andalusia from the Spanish Inquisition, which was causing them much suffering. As a result, he set sail from Turkey’s east coast for Andalusia’s west coast, where he engaged the crusader troops (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and the ships of St. John).

Barbaros episode 1 english subtitles full episode

Barbaros episode 1 english subtitles complete episode took care not to move the Muslims from the gloomy prison dungeons until sunset, to avoid blindness as a consequence of not seeing the sun for years, while the captives were moved to Islamic ships to avoid having their skin ripped during pregnancy.

He also warned that the operation would not last more than six hours before the arrival of any extensions to the enemy from neighbouring cities, and he sailed under cover of darkness, and he was able to paralyse the naval movement of the enemy on his way back to Algeria, contrary to what the enemy believed his return to Turkey to be. He wished to fool the adversary and free the detainees as quickly as possible.

An further 70,000 Andalusian Muslims were sent to Algeria in 1529 by a fleet of 36 ships over the course of seven journeys, helping to fortify the country against invasions from Istanbul.

Barbaroslar Episode 1 English Subtitles

Barbaros episode 1 urdu subtitles

Barbaros episode 1 urdu subtitles breached the sea defences and docked safely, destroying the city’s Spanish garrison before entering the land, fighting a street battle, and raising the Islamic flag above the castles. By surprising churches, Barbarossa prevented Catholic priests with knowledge of the hidden torture chambers from escaping. All the gloomy church structures were promptly examined, and they discovered the West’s secret torturing facilities. You Can Also Watch In Urdu on erturul & Turkeyserial Website.

Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

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Barbaros Episode 1 in Turkish


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