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Alparslan Episode 6 – Great seljuk with English & Urdu Subtitles

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Dekalumens may be very disenchanted for killing via way of means of hand his son and seeks vengeance in Alparslan Episode 6. Yanis’ assistant arrives and pronounces Alpagut a traitor. When Akca realizes that Alparslan has stored Hassan, he returns to the tribe. League claims to be innocent. The General questions Alpagut and Yanis’ assistant. Kekaumenos assassinates Yanis’ assistant.

Cafe is summoned to the Sultan’s palace at the Sultan’s orders. The Lord accuses Alparslan of being responsible for his son’s demise and requests sultan to present Alaskan in his custody. This provides is became down via way of means of the Sultan. The Lord pronounces that if the Sultan does now no longer launch Alparslan, he might release an assault with all the Byzantine armies.

After that, Alparslan and Hassan go back to the tribe. The ruler returns to his palace and pronounces that he’s going to assault the Seljuks as quickly as possible. Alparslan arrives as Boleyn is concealing Shehzade in his house. The lord then summons Akca to the fort in secret. Meanwhile, an car strategy the fort. Lord believes Sultan despatched Alparslan and walks in the direction of the car. Tughrul and Caghri go out the vehicle. Tughrul pronounces that he’s going to now no longer deliver Alparslan.

The Lord is bowled over via way of means of the state of affairs and proceeds to check out the medal in Awful’s hand. The Sultan claims that Yanis is in charge of the slaughter and that the Lord ought to punish him. Alparslan believes Akca is a traitor, however does not anything for the time being. Diogenes devises a method to help the Lord. Diogenes instructs his helper to compose a notice. Maraca then confronts Suleiman, telling him that he made a mistake with Alparslan. Lord orders Akca to assassinate Alparslan.

Akca is bowled over via way of means of this. Akca tells her father that if she murders Alparslan, the Turks might kill her as well, and she or he begs him to calm down. Diogenes supplies the notice he located in Yanis’ room and informs him that the Lord’s hidden best friend assisted him. That night, the Sultan convenes a council to talk about the upcoming conflict. Tughrul informs Alparslan that Suleiman will lead the Vaspurakan assault and instructs him to supply the gold to the headquarters. Inal intends to talk with sure crucial navy officials so one can smear Suleiman’s reputation. Lord visits an motel in which he encounters Bozan.

In Alparslan episode 6, That night, the tribe has a feast. Alparslan and Akca do a dance. This situation has Karaca very concerned. Alparslan informs Hassan that he wishes to overturn the Sultan’s decision. Hassan instructs Alparslan to remain calm and follow the Sultan’s orders. The next morning, Alparslan sends a bouquet of flowers to Akca and sets out to take the gold chests.

Hassan begs Alparslan not to fight alone, but he refuses. Diogenes’ army encircle Alparslan. The lord then dispatches a gladiator to assassinate Alparslan. When this gladiator fails, the Lord sends another. When Alparslan kills this gladiator, the Lord assaults again. Atabey begins his search for Alparslan in the wilderness. Lord is the guy who assaulted Alparslan’s clan years ago, Alparslan realises.

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 6 – Great Seljuk

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Alparslan Episode 6 English Subtitles

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Alparslan Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

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